AMIRA NYC shoot with Buddy Squires, ASC Buddy Squires, ASC is an Oscar-nominated & Emmy-winning Director of Photography. He took the ARRI AMIRA camera out on a spontaneous documentary shoot following skateboarder/musician Adam Crigler. Squires went handheld to capture much of the action: from bright daylight exteriors in the streets to low light photography in small quarters. Squires is best known for his work on theatrical documentaries and TV including SALINGER, THE CENTRAL PARK FIVE, THE CIVIL WAR, JAZZ, ETHEL and more. Among his credits are seven Oscar-nominated films, two Academy Award winners, 28 Emmy-nominated productions and 10 Emmy Award winners.
NAB 2014: Meet AMIRA ARRI's Markus Duerr, Product Manager of AMIRA gives us a tour of the highly-anticipated documentary-style camera.
ARRI AMIRA test shoot – BMW M5 spot Philipp Schumacher, Fero Andersen, Alexander Hell und Tobias Körtge konzipierten und produzierten diesen Spot zum 30. Geburtstag des BMW M5. Gedreht auf der neuen Arri Amira, entstand dieser Werbespot. 30 Jahre Freude am Fahren.
AMIRA Image Film - City of God See the ARRI AMIRA capturing impromptu street scenes in Rio de Janeiro's infamous City of God.
AMIRA Showreel - A Day in Rio The colorful sights of Rio de Janeiro, as captured by ARRI's documentary-style camera, AMIRA. Directed by: Anja Bentzien, Cinematography by: Namche Okon
MATA MATA trailer In anticipation of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, Jens Hoffmann spent three years making MATA MATA, a documentary about Brazilian soccer players. For most of the project he worked with his own ALEXA, but he jumped at the chance to try out AMIRA, ARRI's documentary-style camera, during the final major stretch of filming.
IBC 2013: ARRI AMIRA ARRI Product Manger Marcus Duerr introduces AMIRA, the versatile new documentary-style ARRI camera, with in-camera CFast 2.0 recording and easy, single-user functionality.
AMIRA Features Tour AMIRA - The new documentary-style camera
AMIRA Showreel AMIRA - the new documentary-style camera