ARRI Frameline Composer

The ARRI Frameline Composer has been updated to version AFLC-4.1 including new features for all ARRI digital cameras.

Feature Overview
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Check out the new features of AFLC-4.1
  • Supported cameras models: ALEXA Classic, ALEXA XT, ALEXA 65, ALEXA Mini and AMIRA.
  • Frameline dimension calculated as pixel count in width and height depending on the recording format.
  • Pre-calculated pixel dimension is in accordance with the stored frameline metadata.
  • Manual entry of pixel values for custom frameline dimensions.
  • Export of pixel accurate .png file with embedded frameline rectangles in alpha channel for VFX use.
  • Horizontal frameline positioning possible.
  • Sensor area dimension is calculated in mm or inch for width and height depending on the recording format.
  • Export of Frameleader graphic as .svg file (scalable vector graphic) for print out as frame line reference template.

ALEXA Mini has no sensor mode setting like ALEXA for 16:9, 4:3, Open Gate. When desired recording format is not available in Format please choose different Sensor Mode. For de-squeezed anamorphic recording formats, the correct lens squeeze factor will be selected automatically.

How to upload a frameline into ALEXA cameras:

ALEXA frame line is stored as XML file. A user-generated XML file needs to be downloaded and put onto a FAT formatted SD card (maximum capacity of 4GB) inside the standard ALEXA SD card folder structure ( //ARRI/ALEXA/Framelines ). Insert card into camera's card slot and uploaded frame line by pressing MENU > MONITORING > FRAMELINES > FRAMELINE 1 (or 2) > ADD.

How to upload a frameline to ALEXA Mini and AMIRA camera:

ALEXA Mini/AMIRA framelines are generated as XML files. Place the XML file on the camera USB stick in the folder structure //ARRI/A-MINI or AMIRA/FRAMELINES. Insert USB stick to the camera USB slot and navigate to MENU > MONITORING > FRAME LINES > FRAME LINE > ADD. Select frameline and press the jogwheel.

You may optionally save the frameline as .PNG image to generate a frame leader in recording resolution for VFX purposes.

For questions or help please e-mail and an ARRI representative will address your concern.