SUP 5.0 and SUP 5.1 Main Features

Improved Options for Multi-camera Broadcast Shoots
Available for all AMIRA models, the Multicam mode makes the exceptional image quality of ARRI’s ALEV III sensor – also used by ALEXA – available to productions within the multi-camera broadcast sphere. Through a Multicam setup, the AMIRA’s shallow depth of field, unrivalled dynamic range and natural colorimetry can lend a cinematic look to live broadcasts, music concerts, TV soaps, and other fast-paced, multi-camera productions. 

At its core, Multicam is a simple and flexible interface that can be used with virtually any transmission system required. It allows the image parameters of multiple AMIRA cameras, including iris setting, to be controlled remotely using a Sony Remote Control Panel (RCP).

Multicam Updates

  • Dual 6G support (4K UHD up to 60p)
  • Load and modify looks in Multicam mode (incl. new Look Library)
  • Connection to separate Wifi infrastructure mode
  • EF lens support for RCP iris control
  • Return switch command in SDI meta-data
  • Sync and genlock improvements

ARRI Look Library

ARRI is introducing an exciting new way to implement high-quality looks. The ARRI Look Library puts on-set look management within the reach of all productions, not just those with the time and budget to develop bespoke looks prior to shooting.

Offering 87 looks in three intensities, the ARRI Look Library caters to a huge variety of different shooting scenarios.

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Master Grip Support
The capabilities of the ARRI Master Grips has also been expanded upon, with 3-axis control of ENG lenses with AMIRA PL LDS mount and the option to configure Master Grip user buttons. The ability to adjust focus and iris of EF mount lenses using Master Grips allows for an interesting package solution for documentary and handheld operators, who prefer smaller EF lenses due to their weight and cost.


1.3 Anamorphic Desqueeze in Preview  

  • Support for 1.3x anamorphic lenses
  • 1.3x de-squeeze for EVF and SDI outs in 1.5G and 3G
    available in 3.2K and 4K UHD rec-formats
  • Perfect for 16x9 anamorphic:
    16:9 3.2K (3200 x 1800) to 2.39:1 4K (4096 x 1716)


Camera Access Protocol

  • Control of look and operational parameters
  • IP bases API – Ethernet and WiFi
  • Incl. CAP 1.0 standard as ALEXA SXT (look parameters)
  • Extends the protocol to also control operational parameters
  • Available through the ARRI Partner Program


Monitoring and Display Improvements

  • Lifted MVF-1 gamma to better control lighting in dark areas
  • Playback and User setup control for Starlite HD5-ARRI
  • ARRI Look Files V2 to support Rec 2020 color space
  • False Color calculated based on Rec Path
  • Playback shuttle speed up to 512x
  • New SDI configurations:
    • Non-integer framerates on all outputs  
    • Dual 422 & 444 3G Output
    • Dual 422 6G Output
    • Level a/b support for 3G SDI
    • Each individual SDI out can be Rec709 or LogC


Improved Timecode Handling 

  • Addition of jam sync mode
    • Internal tuning of clock to minimize drift
    • Reports completion of jam sync process
    • Stays in sync with TC source for 8 hours minimum
  • Free run recovery after high speed
    • TC clock is kept alive during off-speed recording
    • No re-jamming needed when switching back to regular speed


Extended Support for EF Lenses 

  • Wider set of EF lenses due to additions to the EF protocol, including: Canon, Sigma, Zeiss Otus and Milvus
  • Support for build-in stabilizers
  • Support for for focus and iris control with ARRI Master Grips


Advanced Setup Handling

The new user setup system allows for more fine grained control:

  • User setups can be managed in camera.
  • USB stick is only needed to transfer setups.
  • Parameter blocks can be selected when saving the setup.

Parameter blocks:

  • Format: Recording mode incl. codec, resolution, frameline
  • Scene: Operational settings eg. EI, WB, fps, shutter
  • Lens: Lens setup eg. Active lens, LDA settings
  • User: User specific settings eg. User button assignments


Wifi Infrastructure Client Mode

  • Join a WIFI network created by an external hub
  • Configure network via a QR code (point the camera at QR code)
  • Enables set based network infrastructures
  • Allows access to multiple cameras from a singe device
  • Resolves range issues by placing repeaters close to the camera


Misc Improvements

  • Simplified Chinese UI
  • Frame grabs are possible during playback and recording
  • OLED of MVF-1 can be switched off in cases where the viewfinder needs to be covered
  • List based settings like framerate and white balance can now be controlled via user buttons
  • New magnesium camera side covers (100+ grams lighter)

AMIRA Software Update Package 5.1
14 Sep 2017 AMIRA SUP 5.1.7 24449
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14 Sep 2017 AMIRA SUP 5.1 - Release Notes
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25 Aug 2017 AMIRA SUP 5.0 - User Manual
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27 Jun 2017 AMIRA SUP 5.0 - Quick Guide
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28 Jun 2017 AMIRA SUP 5.0 - Release Notes
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