AMIRA Sample Footage

ARRI provides ProRes sample footage, shot on an AMIRA camera with a release version of SUP 1.0/3.0. and MPEG-2 shot with a release version of SUP 3.0.

This document gives an overview of the footage.

The shots are intended for anyone who wants to test the workflow with AMIRA ProRes and MPEG 2 files. For example, to test LUTs for converting from Log C to Rec 709, AMIRA Look files or to check how each of the different formats is best handled in different editing systems.

Please note that this sample footage was created for workflow evaluation purposes.

ProRes Footage
All ProRes clips were captured with an ARRI AMIRA camera.

HD and 2K clips
We’ve shot two different ProRes flavors: ProRes 422 – “Video Workflow” and ProRes 4444 – “Postproduction Workflow” in two resolutions: HD and 2K.Each resolution is available in every project speed (i.e. timecode base set to 23.967p, 24p, 25p, 29.97p, 30p, 48p, 50p, 59.94p, 60p, 50i, 59.94i and 60i).Project speed 29.97p is available as non-drop frame as well as drop frame timecode clip-set.So each project speed folder contains a similar set of six clips:

The clips have been recorded either in the Log C Wide Gamut color space or by using the built-in Rec 709 Look file for conversion to HD video color space. You can get hold of the full set of metadata by extracting it from the corresponding file’s header.
We used a Fujinon Cabrio 19-90 Zoom for all “sets of six clips” and an ARRI/Fujinon Alura 30-80 Lightweight Zoom for the high-speed clips.

3.2K and 4K UHD clips
For these higher resolution formats we chose ProRes 4444 as our go-to codec recording straight to REC 709 color space. For reasons of simplicity we only recorded 25fps sensor speed/25p project speed.
We used a Zeiss Compact Zoom 70-200mm at a t=4.0 in combination with a FSND 1.2 and a rotating polarizer.

High speed clips
A separate folder holds two overcranked high-speed clips (project speed: 25pfs):

Clips with looks
To familiarize yourself with AMIRA’s Look File (THE ARRI LOOK FILE 2, ALF-2) in combination with the ARRI Color Tool (formerly AMIRA Color Tool) or other 3rd party tools, the “Look” folder contains shots to which we have applied our “demo looks” (which you can download here:
For each look there’s a baked-in and a nonbaked-in version. In both cases the look also travels within the QuickTime file header.

MPEG-2 Footage
All clips are MPEG-2 Long GOP 50 Mbps, wrapped in MXF container.

The MPEG-2 clips were captured in HD resolution and in all available project speeds 23.98p, 25p, 29.97p, 50i and 59.94i. Only 59.94i clips recorded with drop frame time code.
Each camera project rate is put in a separate folder to preserve the original camera recording folder structure.

The required metadata information should fulfill the requirements of standard XDCAM workflows.

We provide for each project rate two different AMIRA Look samples.

  • Look 1: REC-709 (Standard ARRI Rec709)
  • Look 2: LCC (Low Contrast Curve). LCC creates an image with flat contrast curve and de-saturated colors for more color grading capabilities as in standard Rec709 images.


List of all MPEG-2 HD 422 sample clips:

Access to ARRI’s AMIRA Sample Footage

We’ve uploaded our Sample Footage to two different servers: a classic FTP server and ARRI’s cloud storage ARRI Webgate:

Webgate Direct-Links

FTP access
The ALEXA sample footage is also available for download via our FTP server. Please use a FTP client software such as FileZilla or please check here for others.

User:             AMIRA
Password:   samplefootage

Please note: Some FTP clients use “FTP over TLS (Transport Layer Security)” by default. Our server does not support TLS, so make sure you connect to the server using the plain FTP protocol.

For additional information download the Sample Footage technical information here.

If you have any further questions regarding this test footage or the ALEXA camera, please feel free to contact us at