ALEXA Mini Multi Viewfinder MVF-1

ALEXA Mini is equipped with a revolutionary multi-viewfinder that makes life incredibly easy for single-operator users, combining a high resolution OLED eyepiece with a fold-away LCD monitor. Together, these two viewing options allow precision operating and instant access to important camera controls through optimized ergonomics, minimizing delays on set. New peaking functions, with zebra and false color tools, facilitate accurate focusing via easy-access buttons.

OLED Eyepiece Viewfinder

The bright, high resolution eyepiece offers the best possible color rendition and optical performance, making for a comfortable operating experience. Mounted to a strong, lightweight sliding bar, its position can be altered to suit any shooter in any situation, moving forward and back, as well as side to side. Vital camera information can be displayed in the viewfinder, according to the needs of the individual.

Fold-Away LCD Display Monitor

The unique, fold-away 3.2" monitor serves a number of purposes, displaying a live image for the camera operator when this is more convenient than using the eyepiece, or acting as a monitor for the director or other crew members while shooting. It also allows playback of recorded images and serves as the main camera interface, providing full access to camera functions and menus. Its ergonomic design means that the display information and configurable user buttons can be used without ALEXA Mini having to be removed from the operator's shoulder. With superb daylight visibility and an up-and-down tilt function, the monitor is useable under any shooting conditions.