Best Overall Image Quality

ALEXA Mini produces exceptional image quality with the organic look and feel of film, delivering incredible production value at an affordable cost. Images created with any ALEXA Mini contain all the ingredients for best overall image quality: a tall Super 35 sensor, high dynamic range, sharp and natural images, high sensitivity, natural color reproduction, excellent color separation and the absence of artifacts.

To create such outstanding images, all components of the ALEXA Mini imaging chain are custom designed by ARRI engineers and carefully tuned for optimal performance: the optical low pass filter, the CMOS sensor, the electronics hardware imaging engine and the image processing software.


Film-like, Organic Look

ALEXA Mini's unique color processing was developed by the same ARRI color scientists that have been working on the ARRILASER and ARRISCAN; thus they are intimately familiar with both film and digital color science. ALEXA Mini renders natural colors, great looking skin tones and shows great color separation (important for green screen and other VFX work) while also showing a fantastic ability to resolve mixed color temperature sources. 

A Tall Super 35 Sensor

The camera's custom developed CMOS Bayer sensor has the same height and width as a 35mm film frame. This has a number of advantages. The Super 35 mm width allows a cinematically shallow depth of field as well as plug and play use of the unparalleled range of Super 35 PL mount lenses. Unique for a digital sensor is the height of the ALEXA Mini sensor, which allows a number of sensor modes only found in ALEXA Mini cameras, including those needed for shooting with anamorphic lenses. The sensor's 3.4K horizontal photosite count delivers unusually large photosites for an optimal balance between image sharpness on the one hand and high dynamic range, high sensitivity and a low noise floor on the other, resulting in the best overall image quality for HD, 2K and 4K UHD deliverables.

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High Dynamic Range

ALEXA Mini's unparalleled exposure latitude of over 14 stops (as measured with the ARRI Dynamic Range Test Chart) means high dynamic range images that provide greater flexibility and efficiency for the cinematographer on the set. Overly bright windows will not need to be covered with gels, and shooting at night is possible - even with only a few lights. Working with lower light levels opens up new visual possibilities for fresh and unusual images.

Special consideration has been given to highlight treatment. Creating a good looking roll-off in the highlights is probably one of the most difficult tasks for any sensor designer and we have spent enormous resources at insuring exceptional highlight handling.

ALEXA Mini's wide exposure latitude translates into a 'thick' digital negative; there is more detail information in the highlights and in the dark areas than any of the current display technologies can disclose. This means tremendous flexibility when color grading. ALEXA Mini's ability to retain definition even when extremely under or overexposed provide that extra bit of security in post. ALEXA Mini's high dynamic range make ALEXA Mini images future-proof for high dynamic range (HDR) display technologies. The sensor's unique design ensures ALEXA Mini's wide exposure latitude and low noise at all sensitivity settings without any compromises in image quality. 

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Sharp and Natural Images

Because of ALEXA Mini's great overall image quality, its images can be easily up or down-sampled for spectacular (3.4k) - HD, 2K, 4K UHD  deliverables.

High Sensitivity

ALEXA Mini's imaging system has been carefully designed to exhibit unrivalled sensitivity so filmmakers can create the kind of rich and spellbinding pictures that audiences associate with cinematic storytelling. The camera's sensitivity can be adjusted from 160 to 3200 EI and it maintains its high dynamic range at all sensitivity settings.

The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin captured with ALEXA
800 EI | 180° Shutter | T2.8 | Ultra Prime 8R