ARRI Look Library FAQ

In its Software Update Package (SUP) 5.0 for ALEXA Mini and AMIRA cameras, ARRI is introducing an exciting new way to implement high-quality looks. The ARRI Look Library puts on-set look management within the reach of all productions, not just those with the time and budget to develop bespoke looks prior to shooting. Offering 87 looks in three intensities, the ARRI Look Library caters to a huge variety of different shooting scenarios. The looks are numbered within nine themed groups: application, black-and-white, contrast, environment, film, period, season, special, and tinted. Similar to using different film stocks, each look provides a unique but repeatable aesthetic when combined with the cinematographer’s choice of lenses.

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What is the ARRI Look Library?

The ARRI Look Library is a collection of 87 looks in 3 intensities for use in ARRI cameras with advanced look management (ALF Support).

How do I get the ARRI Look Library?

The ARRI Look Library is part of the camera software. It will be introduced with SUP 5.0 for AMIRA Premium and ALEXA Mini and will be available for ALEXA SXT via SUP 3.0. The ARRI Look Library is a licensed feature and requires a license on the camera.

Where do I get the ARRI Look Library license?

If you purchased your AMIRA Premium or ALEXA Mini camera after May 1st, 2017, your camera will already have the ARRI Look Library license key installed. For cameras acquired before May 2017, the license key can be purchased at the ARRI License Shop.

What is the cost of the ARRI Look Library?

The price for the ARRI Look Library is 280 Euros.

Will ALEXA SXT support the ARRI Look Library?

Yes, the ARRI Look Library will be available for ALEXA SXT as soon as SUP 3.0 is released.

Can I use the ARRI Look Library with ALEXA Classic or ALEXA XT?

At the current time, the ARRI Look Library is only available for ALEXA cameras with advanced color management. ARRI is currently in discussions with third parties to provide LUT boxes or monitors that will also have the ARRI Look Library build in.

How can I get an overview of all the looks included in the Look Library?

Please visit our website at or download the iOS App for an overview of all the looks included in the Look Library.

Is it possible to only buy one single look without purchasing the whole Look Library?

No. The ARRI Look Library is only available in its entirety.

What color-spaces are provided with the ARRI Look Library?

All looks are provided in Rec709 color space.

I am shooting for HDR delivery, can I still use the ARRI Look Library?

Please contact ARRI Media if you need additional color spaces for instance for an HDR delivery. ARRI Media offers the Look Library for the following color spaces:

  • P3 D60 Gamma2.6
  • P3 D65 Gamma2.6
  • P3 DCI Gamma2.6
  • Rec2020 D65 Gamma 2.4
  • HDR10 D65 PQ600nits
  • HDR10 D65 PQ1000nits
  • HLG D65 HLG

Please contact ARRI Media via email  or by phone: +49 89 3809 1759

What if the ARRI Look Library does not contain the exact look I need?

Customized looks can be created for a fee by ARRI Media.

Please contact ARRI Media via email or by phone: +49 89 3809 1759

I have a camera with the ARRI Look Library installed, where can I find the looks?

The looks appear as an additional source beside the USB stick in the look import dialog. In order to use the look, it must be imported into the list of active looks. In order to be able to modify the CDL parameters of that look, the look must be duplicated and renamed.

Can I use ARRI Look Library looks to create new looks?

The looks can be adjusted using CDL parameters after duplicating them in the camera. This way it is possible to use ARRI Look Library looks as a basis to create new adjusted versions which are based on the same 3DLUT.

What are CDL values?

ASC CDL is a standardized format to exchange and specify basic color grading information. It contains slope, offset, and power controls for the red, green, and blue channels as well as a saturation parameter for the entire image. 

How can I adjust a look using CDL values?

When a look is added to the active look list it isn’t possible to directly change it. The look needs to be duplicated first. Once duplicated the look can be altered using CDL values in the HOME>LOOK>LOOK PARAM menu or by using an external application like Pomfort Live Grade Air.

How does the white balance setting affect looks?

Looks from the ARRI Look Library generate a specific grade and color response. It is important to understand, however, that white balance settings will also affect the grade as white balance will be applied to the image before the look is applied. To generate reproducible results, an auto white balance on a grey card should be performed before shooting.

How can I use the looks in post-production?

Like with other ALF looks, the looks will be embedded in the meta-data of the recorded media and can be accessed by ARRI’s Meta-Extract (AME) software or most DI grading software directly.

How can I get in touch with ARRI regarding my questions and/or feedback about the ARRI Look Library?

Please contact the Digital Workflow department at ARRI