Working with ARRIRAW

External Recording

ALEXA cameras that have not been updated with the XR Module use the ARRI T-Link Protocol to output ARRIRAW data through the REC OUT HD-SDI connectors. Because the ARRIRAW T-Link output is not a standardized HD-SDI format, special recording equipment is required to correctly interpret and store the ARRIRAW data. To enable users to have a wide variety of suitable recording equipment, ARRI introduced the ARRIRAW recording certificate.

Certified Recording Hardware

The "Certified for ALEXA ARRIRAW Recording" label indicates that a device can reliably record ARRIRAW data including all metadata and output .ari files that can be processed with the standard ARRIRAW toolkit. Certified devices must also deliver at least a preview quality image during recording and playback. The table below shows a list of recorders that have been tested and certified for ALEXA ARRIRAW recording.

Codex offers 2 versions of their Onboard recorder, Onboard M and Onboard S. Both devices are certified.
(2) Additional functions are not part of the ALEXA ARRIRAW certification.

Explanation of terms:
- ARRIRAW 16:9: 2880 x 1620 uncompressed 12 bit log raw bayer data
- ARRIRAW 4:3: 2880 x 2160 uncompressed 12 bit log raw bayer data
- ARRIRAW up to 30 fps requires a 1.5G Dual Link or 3G Single Link HD-SDI connection.
- ARRIRAW faster than 30 fps requires a 3G Dual Link HD-SDI connection.
- 3D ARRIRAW requires two 1.5G Dual Link or two 3G Single Link HD-SDI connections.

Please note:

ARRIRAW Open Gate is only available on ALEXA XT cameras featuring internal ARRIRAW recording.

The ALEXA ARRIRAW Recording certificate does not govern or stipulate any requirements regarding the image processing quality of the recording products. The live image produced by these recorders may exhibit aliasing, a lack of sharpness, low contrast and saturation (Log C encoded images), and it may not be a full HD resolution image. The monitoring output from external ARRIRAW recorders therefore cannot serve as a reference for image quality or color rendition.
Certified ARRIRAW recorders are external hardware. To ensure seamless operation, users must verify proper configuration and connection per the Operator/User manual of the individual recorder. All certified recorders will have at least preview quality monitoring. We strongly advise that you regularly check the proper functionality of the setup.