Working with ARRIRAW

Lab Gear

When recording to XR Capture Drives, there are three options providing a different level of access to the camera footage. First, a small and affordable USB3 Single Dock allows quick and safe copying of data onto a laptop. Second, the Dual Dock can make clones of XR Capture Drives and connect to a Mac Pro via a high speed SAS interface for speedy copying, archiving or dailies creation. And third, the Codex Vault is a modular and rugged all-in-one solution for fast and easy copying, archiving, reporting or dailies creation on or near-set.

The Light Weight Setup

A Mac with USB 3.0 ports and the Codex Single Dock is everything you need to access ARRIRAW footage on an XR Capture Drive. Just put the XR Capture Drive in the Single Dock and the Capture Drive automatically shows up in Apple Finder. Open ARRIRAW Converter (ARC) and access the .ari files directly on the Capture Drive and playback and/or transcode from there.

The USB 3.0 Single Dock is available with or without the Codex VFS option.
• Without VFS option, the Dock will act as a simple reader, offering only .ARI file access.
• With the VFS option, which can also be added later through the purchase of a license key, the Dock can be used to generate various deliverable formats for dailies review, editing and VFX. For information on the Codex VFS, please visit the Codex Digital Website.

Please keep in mind, that this solution enables the basic access to the ARRIRAW files. The hardware components used in this setup, however, are not designed to sustain the data throughput for shoots that produce over an hour of footage on a daily basis.

The Performance Setup

A Mac Pro with internal RAID storage and the Codex Dual Dock is the basis for an extremely flexible setup. The system can be used to backup the ARRIRAW footage to
the RAID or clone the footage onto 1TB Codex Transfer Drives. Cloning creates
verified, identical copies and maintains the flexibility of the VFS. The system is capable of creating all your deliverable formats for dailies review, editing and VFX, and it can be expanded to archive the original footage to LTO tapes. 

The Turnkey Setup

The Vault is a modular, location-based, standalone media management system by Codex. The Vault can clone Capture Drives to Transfer Drives or an optional internal storage. It can generate deliverables in all formats required for dailies review, editing, VFX and archiving using the ground-breaking Codex Virtual File System (VFS). The optional internal storage expansion provides up to 7 TB of space, which will hold a few days worth of ARRIRAW footage. This gives the post house a few days buffer to confirm that the material is OK before the storage needs to be cleared. It provides a single, standardized workflow with a simple user interface.