Studio 37 Inc. tests ALEXA

Studio 37 Inc. tests ALEXA

Gary Adcock, specialist in consulting on production and post workflows, 3D stereography and quality assurance, recently had a chance to test ALEXA at Studio 37 Inc. in Chicago, Illinois; this is what he had to say:

"After a week nonstop with my hands on ALEXA, I would like to believe your wishes have been fulfilled. Based on my experience over the last week, after the first day with the camera I was fully comfortable with navigation and execution within the menu tree.

ARRI has offered up a concise menu structure and tree on ALEXA.

ARRI has offered up a concise menu structure and tree on ALEXA that is simple to use and easy to navigate, in the flavor of the first generation iPod controls, where navigation is handled simply and efficiently via a rotating "click" wheel.


With single button access to settings for ASA, frame rate, white balance and shutter on the home screen, as well as a menu button that accesses monitoring and recording modes, the system is designed with simplicity in mind. For example you can change camera setup from 422 HD to both flavors of DL (444 & VFR) or to ARRIRAW in just three steps. 



Without question everything within the ALEXA menu tree has been thought out with both the cinematographer and the assistant in mind, so no special DIT is needed on set to explain the menu structure."