New accessories for ALEXA

New accessories for ALEXA

While the ALEXA Plus model has an advanced electronics side cover for integrated remote control, the new RCU-4 and WNA-1 accessories extend the remote control options of both ALEXA models by making the most of the camera's carefully crafted network capabilities. A set of cables for 3D sync and a low mode set further expand ALEXA's applications, unlocking some of the tremendous potential of the ALEXA system. It is the camera's expansive design that makes this possible, and that promises many more exciting advances in the future. 

Remote Control Unit RCU-4

The Remote Control Unit RCU-4 is a compact and robust, cabled remote for the ALEXA and ALEXA Plus cameras. Having the exact same layout, display, buttons and other interface elements as the ALEXA cameras, it has a zero learning curve. All settings that can be made on the cameras can also be made remotely from the RCU-4, which is especially useful for 3D projects where the cameras may not be easily accessible in the 3D rig. The RCU-4 will be available in January 2011. 

ALEXA 3D Cable Set

Much has been learned from the large number of ALEXA 3D projects that have already been shot using beta software of ALEXA's sophisticated 3D synchronization algorithms. The software is now available for all ALEXAs, facilitating stable and precise synchronization of two ALEXA cameras through the ALEXA EXT to EXT Cable. This cable accurately synchronizes the sensor timing and locks the HD-SDI outputs of both cameras without lag or jitter, assuring compatibility with most 3D monitoring and recording solutions. In order to simplify the setup and operation of two ALEXAs on a 3D rig, the ALEXA Ethernet to Ethernet Cable allows automatic synchronization of both cameras' settings. The ALEXA 3D Cable Set includes both of these cables. 

ALEXA Low Mode Set LMS-3

Custom designed for the ALEXA system, the Low Mode Set LMS-3 consists of a low mode plate and three feet. The low mode plate can be attached directly to the camera's top for the lowest possible profile, which has already proven a popular option for upside-down ALEXAs on 3D rigs. The feet allow the plate to be raised to accommodate the Viewfinder Mounting Bracket VMB-1, Battery Adapter Top for Gold Mount (BAT-G), Battery Adapter Top for V-lock (BAT-V) or other accessories. Seven rows of 3/8-16 mounting points on the plate provide just the right balance for a myriad of camera configurations. Additionally, the plate has mounting points for the Viewfinder Mounting Bracket VMB-1, the ALEXA Camera Center Handle CCH-1 (which must be mounted in reverse to ensure that the tape hook of the HEB-2 is still in the proper sensor plane position) and the 235 and D-21 low mode handles. Extra 3/8-16 mounting points on the front and side edges and two tape measure hooks make this an extremely versatile low mode set. The LMS-3 will be available in November 2010.