All the information on the new Electronic Viewfinder EVF-2 and the ALEXA LF 3.0 SW & HW Upgrade.

ALEXA LF Electronic Viewfinder EVF-2
  • EVF-2 replaces discontinued EVF-1 for ALEXA LF
  • EVF-2 provides better judging of focus and dynamic range, and a cleaner image
    • Full HD resolution and high contrast
    • New ARRICAM eyepiece
    • Latest color science
    • Emulation of "EVF-1 Gamma" for mixed EVF-1/EVF-2 sets
  • EVF-2 requires Software Update Package LF SUP 3.0
    • All ALEXA LF cameras from LF SUP 3.0 availability on will ship with EVF-2
  • EVF-1 trade-in offer for owners of ALEXA LF/EVF-1

Since the display used in the EVF-1 has been discontinued, a new viewfinder - the EVF-2, has been developed to accompany the ALEXA LF. While maintaining its predecessor’s proven robustness, reliability and ergonomics, the EVF-2 is equipped with a new display with full HD resolution and higher contrast, improving the operator's ability to judge focus and dynamic range.

We have taken the opportunity to also include a new glass eyepiece based on the ARRICAM design for a cleaner image which is free of distortions, and which allows greater freedom of movement for the operator through a wider exit pupil.

And while we were at it we have implemented the latest color science, which gives more accurate color rendition, a better match to on-set monitors, and a stable color balance at all display brightness settings, image brightness levels and from -20ºC to +45ºC (-4º F to +113º F).

For those who use EVF-1 and EVF-2 on the same set, an "EVF-1 gamma" setting emulates the EVF-1 tonal behavior.

The EVF-2 requires ALEXA LF Software Update Packet LF SUP 3.0. All ALEXA LF cameras shipping from availability of LF SUP 3.0 onwards will be delivered with the EVF-2. ALEXA LF cameras with LF SUP 3.0 are compatible with EVF-1 and EVF-2.

Since a hardware upgrade of the EVF-1 is not feasible, owners of ALEXA LF/EVF-1 can acquire the EVF-2 by trading in their EVF-1 and paying half the EVF-2 list price.

ALEXA LF 3.0 SW & HW Upgrade
  • Free-of-charge software and hardware upgrades for significant new features and performance improvements
  • New Software Update Package LF SUP 3.0:
    • Support for Electronic Viewfinder EVF-2
    • Support for SxS PRO+ 256 GB cards
    • Support for battery adapters BAB-HG & BAB-HV
    • Six ZOOM positions for EVF-1/2 & MON OUT
    • Simplified global anamorphic de-squeeze
    • Monitor identification
  • Further SW & HW upgrades include:
    • New ARRI Wireless Video System software which improves the reliability and signal robustness of the camera's integrated wireless video transmitter
    • Hardware patches to improve sensor cooling, wireless video range and general system stability
    • Shimming of FSND filter frames

PLEASE NOTE that the ALEXA LF 3.0 SW & HW Upgrade must be performed by ARRI Service.

ARRI is releasing the "ALEXA LF 3.0 SW & HW Upgrade", a package of free-of-charge software and hardware upgrades that provides significant new features and performance improvements for the ALEXA LF.

The new LF SUP 3.0 software requires a hardware board inside the camera to be exchanged - this is needed to support the SxS PRO+ 256 GB cards. Please note SUP 3.0 will not run without the new board. The "ALEXA LF 3.0 SW & HW Upgrade" is available free-of-charge from ARRI Service; please contact ARRI Service to schedule an appointment.

The LF SUP 3.0 software includes support for the EVF-2, SxS PRO+ 256 GB cards (which can record ProRes) and the Bebob Battery adapters BAB-HG & BAB-HV. In addition, a number of new features are included based on extensive ALEXA LF user feedback from the field. As with the ALEXA 65, a MAGNIFICATION feature sets a persistent magnification for each of the four monitoring output paths (EVF and MON OUT 1, 2 and 3), so the intended target image can be enlarged as desired on EVF and monitors.

The existing ZOOM feature, designed for a temporary zoom-in to quickly check focus, is improved with six user-settable target areas, which can be easily accessed through new ZOOM user buttons. Setting the anamorphic de-squeeze ratio has been simplified and it is now possible to quickly identify which MON OUT a given monitor is connected to.

While updating the camera, ARRI Service will also install the latest version of the upcoming ARRI Wireless Video System (WVS) software, which improves the reliability and signal robustness of the integrated wireless video transmitter. The WVS software update will also be separately available for ALEXA LF and ALEXA SXT W cameras. The stand-alone Wireless Video Transmitter WVT-1 and Wireless Video Receiver WVR-1 are not affected by this, and their latest software (4.3.23) remains compatible with the new WVS software. However, since the new WVS software also contains a bug fix that makes the ARRI WVS compatible with more monitors, we also recommend updating those units to the new WVS software.

As part of the "ALEXA LF 3.0 SW & HW Upgrade", a number of hardware patches will be installed to improve sensor cooling, wireless video range and general system stability. The upgrade also includes shimming of FSND filter frames.

We recommend sending your ALEXA LF cameras to ARRI Service for the upgrade. The "ALEXA LF 3.0 SW & HW Upgrade" provides a lot of useful new features, and performance improvements, and is a pre-requisite for using the EVF-2 and SxS PRO+ cards.

ALEXA LF Software Update Package 3.0 (ALEXA LF ONLY!)
27 Aug 2018 ALEXA LF SUP 3.0 - Release Notes
Download (pdf, 629 KB)
24 Aug 2018 ALEXA LF SUP 3.0 - User Manual
Download (pdf, 8.25 MB)
24 Aug 2018 ALEXA LF SUP 3.0 - Menu Settings Chart
Download (pdf, 257 KB)