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Bem-vindo ao arquivo de Vídeos da ARRI, a biblioteca dos bate-papos técnicos, apresentações, vídeos demo, clipes e trailers de produções feitas com equipamento ARRI. Filtre por categoria ou pesquise por palavra-chave para encontrar vídeos sobre produtos específicos, filmmakers ou eventos.


Digitization of MANIA Specialists at Filmoteka Narodowa - the Polish National Film Archive - use the ARRISCAN Wet Gate to clean and digitize a rare and delicate print of the 1918 silent film MANIA.
KILLER JOE trailer Director William Friedkin's latest film is a small-town thriller about a contract killing that goes awry. Cinematographer Caleb Deschanel, ASC, chose to work with the ARRI ALEXA camera and ARRI/FUJINON Alura Zooms.
DRIVE trailer Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn and shot with ALEXA cameras by Newton Thomas Sigel, ASC, DRIVE is the story of a Hollywood stunt driver who offers out his skills to criminal gangs, only to find himself the intended target of a contract killing after a failed heist.
30 MINUTES OR LESS Based on a true story, the film stars Jesse Eisenberg as a pizza deliveryman who is forced to rob a bank after a bomb is strapped to his body. Two ARRIMAXes rented from Quixote Studios worked consistently throughout the shoot. The film was directed by Ruben Fleischer, shot by Jess Hall, BSC with John Nadeau as gaffer.
COWBOYS AND ALIENS trailer Chief Lighting Technician Michael Bauman used several ARRIMAXes on MaxMovers to light scenes in COWBOYS & ALIENS.
Underwater with ALEXA: CAPTAIN AMERICA Directed by Joe Johnston and shot by Shelly Johnston, ASC, CAPTAIN AMERICA relied on  one of the first ALEXA models available to shoot the underwater scene.  
First ALEXA 120 fps test footage With the release of SUP 5.0, ALEXA customers now have the option to purchase a High Speed mode from the ALEXA License Shop, allowing slow motion shooting in ProRes codecs up to 422 HQ (16:9). This 120 fps test footage was shot earlier in the year, during the development stages.
ARRI ALEXA 2011 NAB Showreel Images from a selection of commercials, features, music videos and television shot on the ARRI ALEXA digital camera system.
SUNDANCE SHUFFLE Inspired by silent movie comedies, Sundance Shuffle was conceived when ARRI tasked writer/director Aloura Charles to deliver a short film shot on ALEXA that could be completed in two days. Filmed during Sundance Film Festival, the short stars Morgan Roy as an eager fan hoping to get into a screening.