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IBC 2016: Master Grips in action Hendrik Voss, Product Manager PCA Electronic Control System, presents the new ARRI Master Grips.
IBC 2016: ARRI Pro Camera Accessories At IBC in Amsterdam Philip Vischer, ARRI's Product Manager for PCA Mechanical Accessories, presents some helpful camera tools.
IBC 2016: ARRI TRINITY in action Curt O. Schaller, Product Manager for ARRI Camera Stabilizer Systems, has some interesting tools in his IBC luggage.
The Looks of ALEXA Lenses are not the only way to create specific looks. ALEXA is capable of producing an amazing variety of different looks for different stories and situations, with creative on-set color control and incredible flexibility in post.
AMIRA IBC 2016 Showreel With optimized ergonomics for the single operator and the same image quality as ALEXA, the AMIRA is well suited to a diverse range of different production types.
ALEXA IBC 2016 Showreel ALEXA continues to be the most widely used and accepted professional digital camera system in the world. Every day it is relied upon by thousands of international film and program makers.
ALEXA Mini IBC 2016 Showreel Experience some of the many different creative shot possibilities and application areas opened up by the lightweight and versatile ALEXA Mini.
ARRI unterstützt das Kino Open Air auf dem Königsplatz (Deutsch) Vom 25. Juli bis 2. August 2016 fand das Kino Open Air auf dem Königsplatz in München statt. Wie im vergangenen Jahr unterstützte ARRI das Event als Sponsor.
Getting the Most from your ARRI Lighting Kit – Part 1 Rock and Roll Hair