SXR Capture Drives
SXR Capture Drives

Compact, reliable, high performance media in a rugged aluminum enclosure. Compatible with ALEXA SXT and ALEXA 65. Allows in-camera recording of all available recording formats.

Note: The use of these drives requires an SXR Adapter (K2.0008429). SXR Capture Drives are not compatible with ALEXA Classic, XT/XR or XR Capture Drive docks.

SXR Capture Drive 1 TB     K2.0006942

SXR Capture Drive 2 TB     K2.0006157

SXR Capture Drive Set 4x 1 TB     K0.0006946

A set of four SXR Capture Drives 1 TB

SXR Capture Drive Set 3x 2 TB     

A set of three SXR Capture Drives 2 TB