Internal Filter Module (IFM-1) Set
Internal Filter Module (IFM-1) Set

An upgrade for ALEXA, ALEXA Plus, ALEXA Plus 4:3 and ALEXA M that replaces the reflex prevention cone inside the lens cavity with a filter holder that allows the manual insertion of an FSND (Full Spectrum Neutral Density) filter. Placing a filter between lens and sensor reduces weight, reflections and complexity. 


K2.72144.0 1x IFM/Extenders Depth Gauge DG-1
K2.72137.0 1x FSND Filter Set (Basic)
K4.40230.0 1x IFM-1 Wrench (MV 935)
K5.74167.0 1x IFM-1 Reflex Tube
K4.73059.0 1x IFM-1 Bottom Ring
K4.74117.0 1x IFM-1 Insert Ring

Note: This upgrade can be performed by any ALEXA customer. The basic filter set includes FSND 0.6, 1.2 and 1.8 filters and an optical clear. The remaining five FSND filters can be purchased in the 'FSND Filter Set - Completion' (K2.72138.0). Not compatible with all generations of ALEXA Studio.