ARRI Film & TV Newsletter 22/2011 English   

German Newsletter

Esteemed clients, dear friends of ARRI,


Enclosed, please find the most recent edition of the ARRI Film & TV newsletter, this time to announce the theatrical release the animated children's film Prinzessin Lillifee und das kleine Einhorn, a whimsical and tender film directed by Hubert Weiland and Ansgar Niebuhr and produced by Frank Piscator and Gabriele M. Walther.


Enjoy the read!


All the best,

Angela Reedwisch and Josef Reidinger


Directed by: Hubert Weiland, Ansgar Niebuhr

Screenplay: Mark Slater, Gabriele M. Walther, Rachel Murrell

Editor: Mathias Dombrink

Production Company: WunderWerk, Caligari Film 

German Distributor: Universum Film


DI Producer: Andreas Mummert

DI Colorist: Bianca Pieroth

Title Design: Matthias Brauner

Sound Producer: Daniel Vogl

Re-Recording Mixer: Jürgen Roth



ARRI Services: Digital Intermediate, Title Design, Sound, TV Post, Lab, DCP

After the tremendous success of the first Prinzessin Lillifee film, a second, exciting adventure of the beloved princess is coming to theaters: Prinzessin Lilliffe und das kleine Einhorn. Ansgar Niebuhr, who also directed the first installment, led the efforts on this most recent production during the design phase, but later handed the directing reigns over to Hubert Weiland. Mark Slater, Gabriele M. Walther and Rachel Murrell wrote the screenplay, based on Monika Finsterbusch's children's books. Caligari Film and WunderWerk produced Lilliffe und das kleine Einhorn. Universum is distributing in Germany.


After Felix und Mondbär, WunderWerk, Gisela Schäfer, collaborated with ARRI Film & TV once again, entrusting ARRI with the postproduction of Prinzessin Lillifee, including the Digital Intermediate, title design, sound, TV post, lab work and DCP.

Left: Together with her friends Pupsi, Iwan and Lucy and the unicorn baby, Lillifee sets out to find Lucy’s parents. Right: Lucy frolics around in Lillifee’s shoe tower. © Universum Film 2011

Princess Lillifee and her friends enjoy a sunny summer in the fairy land of Rosarien when, one night, Rosalie the unicorn appears in Lillifee's dream to solicit her help: asking her to take care of her baby, Lucy. When Lillifee wakes up, she discovers that Lucy has magically left her dream and is now sitting on her bed - full of beans. At first everyone is excited, because touching the horn of a unicorn means that any wish will be granted! Only Lillifee gets worried. What will become of Rosalie?


And so Lillifee decides to return Lucy to her mother. In order to find Rosalie, Lillifee heads to the neighboring land of Bluetopia with the unicorn baby and her friends, hoping to find Lucy’s parents. But there they make a terrible discovery: a curse has been put on the land! In the middle of summer it is freezing cold. Everything is covered with ice and snow. Only the magical powers of a unicorn can melt the ice. But Lucy is still a baby and the wishes don't come true that easily, so Lillifee has to find Lucy's parents to rid the land of the terrible curse...