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ARRI Film & TV Newsletter 21/10

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Enclosed, please find the most recent edition of the ARRI Film & TV newsletter, this time on the occasion of the theatrical release of three films: Wir sind die Nacht, a gripping vampire tale from the award winning director Dennis Gansel; Der große Kater, the adaptation of Thomas Hürlimann's novel, directed by Wolfgang Panzer; and Sounds and Silence, a road movie through a life in music from the directing duo Peter Guyer and Norbert Wiedmer.



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Opening in German theaters on October 28, 2010: Wir sind die Nacht (We Are The Night)

Director: Dennis Gansel
Writer: Jan Berger, based on Dennis Gansel's screenplay The Dawn
DoP: Torsten Breuer
Editor: Ueli Christen
Production Company: Christian Becker/Rat Pack Filmproduktion
German Distributor: Constantin Film


DI Colorist: Manfred Turek
Sound Mix:
Christian Bischoff


ARRI Services: Lab, DI, Sound, HD-Mastering, DCP, digitale und analoge Kinokopien
ARRI Rental:
Camera, Lighting, Grip

We are the Night is yet another collaboration from award winning director Dennis Gansel (Before the Fall) and renowned producer Christian Becker (Vicky the Viking, Hui Buh - The Castle Ghost), who previously joined forces on the critically acclaimed The Wave. DoP Torsten Breuer created the images for this bloody urban adventure, which are full of passion, lust and suspense.

RatPack Filmproduktion relied again on ARRI Film & TV's post production services, which included: lab work, DI (Colorist: Manfred Turek), sound (Sound Mix: Christian Bischoff), HD Mastering, and DCP, as well as digital and analogue release copies for Constantin Film.
Shooting took place from October through December 2009 in fascinating locations throughout Berlin, with lighting, grip and camera equipment
(ARRICAM ST/LT, 3-Perforation, ARRIFLEX 235, 435, Master Primes) from ARRI Rental.

Left: The vampire quartet (f.l.t.r.): Anna Fischer, Jennifer Ulrich, Nina Hoss and Karoline Herfurth; Right: Director Dennis Gansel and Nina Hoss
© 2010 © 2010 Constantin Film Verleih GmbH

Twenty-year-old Lena (Karoline Herfurth) from Berlin supports herself with petty larceny. On one of her nightly tours through underground clubs she meets the century-old Louise (Nina Hoss) - an extravagant woman who's the owner of the nightclub and the ring leader of a female vampire trio, also consisting of the elegant Charlotte (Jennifer Ulrich) and the eccentric Nora (Anna Fischer). Louise immediately falls in love with the scruffy looking Lena, biting her on their first night together. Lena now experiences the curse and the blessing of her new, eternal life. She enjoys luxuries, parties and infinite freedom, but her bloodthirsty and murderous new friends begin to wear on her. Soon, with the Berlin police department right on the quartet's heels and Lena realizing that she has feelings for detective Tom Serner (Max Riemelt), events quickly spiral out of control. 

Opening in German theaters on October 28, 2010: Der große Kater

Director: Wolfgang Panzer
Novel: Thomas Hürlimann
Screenplay: Claus Hant, Dietmar Güntsche
DoP: Edwin Horak
Editor: Jean-Claude Poroué, Uli Schön
Production Company: Neue Bioskop Film, Abrakadabra Films, Barry Films
German Distributor: Central Film


DI-Colorist: Florian 'Utsi' Martin
Lutz Lemke


ARRI Services: Lab, DI, Title Design, HD Mastering
ARRI Rental:
Camera, Lighting, Grip

Der große Kater is based on the bestselling novel of the same name by Thomas Hürlimann, one of the most famous writers in German-speaking countries today. In January 2010  the film received the Bavarian Film Award, honoring producer Dietmar Güntsche (Neue Bioskop Film), who co-wrote the screenplay together with Claus Hant, and Wolfgang Behr. Director Wolfgang Panzer (Locarno Winner / Broken Silence, 1995) chose a realistic and minimalistic style for the film and brought DoP Edwin Horak on board.

The Neue Bioskop Film entrusted ARRI Film & TV with the lab work, the Digital Intermediate (DI Colorist: Florian 'Utsi' Martin) and the title design (Lutz Lemke).
Shooting commenced in August of 2008 in Switzerland and ended in October in Bavaria. ARRI Rental provided lighting, grip and camera equipment (ARRICAM ST/LT, 3-Perforation, Ultra Primes). 

Left: Kater (Bruno Ganz) and his wife Marie (Marie Bäumer) at a state dinner.
Right: President (Bruno Ganz) with his closest advisor, party leader Dr. Stotzer (Ulrich Tukur);
© Central Film 2010

Approval ratings are at an all-time low, citizens have taken to the streets, and the president, Kater (Bruno Ganz), has his back against the wall. Now, of all times, his friend and political ally, Dr. Stotzer (Ulrich Tukur), is hatching a plot against him, and his wife (Marie Bäumer) causes a scandal at a state dinner. Worst of all: Kater's young son is dying. Constrained by the mandate of his office, the desperate father watches helplessly as the events unfold until he remembers one of his strengths - his player nature - which has helped him a great deal in the past. And so, placing all his bets on one card, he makes an unexpected decision in this political power game.

Opening in German theaters on October 28, 2010: Sounds and Silence

Director: Peter Guyer, Norbert Wiedmer
DoP: Peter Guyer, Norbert Wiedmer
Editor: Stefan Kälin
Production Company: Recycled TV AG, Biograph Film
German Distributor: Arsenal Filmverleih

ARRI Services: Lab, Release Prints

Sounds and Silence, from the directing duo Peter Guyer and Nobert Wiedmer, is a road movie about music producer Manfred Eicher's career devoted to music. It is a journey through the world of sound with Eicher, a prominent figure in contemporary music and the founder of the ECM record label. On these travels we meet musicians and composers and visit people and places that are interconnected with Manfred Eicher. We encounter stories, landscapes, cities, disputes, embraces, tranquility, flurries of activity, self doubt, joy and passion, while musicians such as Arvo Pärt, Eleni Karaindrou, Dino Saluzzi, Anouar Brahem, Gianluigi Trovesi, Marilyn Mazur, Nik Bärtsch, Kim Kashkashian, Jan Garbarek and many others take us to concerts, recording studios, backrooms and roadsides.

Sounds and Silence is a sensual, meditative, yet haunting road movie, which accomplishes something extraordinary: it captures the magic of music.

For Sound and Silence ARRI Film & TV completed the recording back to film (ARRILASER) and generated the release prints.

Left: The directors, Peter Guyer and Norbert Wiedmer
Right: Gianluigi Trovesi; © Arsenal Filmverleih