Wet Gate

The Organic Approach
Although digital restoration is becoming increasingly prominent in the archive world, heavily scratched film still presents big obstacles and can be expensive to repair digitally. By using a special liquid to conceal dust and scratches, the ARRISCAN Wet Gate system offers a solution that is more organic than digital retouching and far more honest to the original material. It signals the first time such an essential tool has been available on a high resolution film scanner.
Any ARRISCAN can be retrofitted with the Wet Gate system. After initial installation, the machine can be switched from normal to Wet Gate scanning as easily as a changeover from 35 mm to 16 mm.

Common Challenges

16 mm Wet Gate features:

  • Pin-registered 16 mm Wet Gate
  • 0.4 mm maximum film thickness
  • 2 fps – 3 fps scanning speed, depending on liquid and film condition
  • 13.2 mm x 10 mm oversized aperture

35 mm Wet Gate features: 

  • Pinless 35 mm Wet Gate
  • 0.4 mm maximum film thickness
  • 1 fps – 2 fps scanning speed dependingon liquid and film condition
  • 34.5 mm x 21.9 mm oversized aperture