Built-in Stabilization

When scanning film material that is in a delicate condition (shrunken, brittle or damaged), the ARRISCAN registration pin can be retracted. Mechanical pin registration, however, delivers the steadiest possible image, so a pinless scan usually requires some post-processing to improve image steadiness.
The ARRISCAN now presents an easy-to-use solution: an algorithm for on-the-fly stabilization that is implemented in the image processing pipeline. This Built-in Stabilization has been developed in close co-operation with the R&D team at HS-Art, famous for its DIAMANT-Film Restoration software.

Common Challenges

  • Stabilization based on perforation position
  • Part of the internal image processing, so scan output is already stabilized
  • No loss of image quality in downsampling 3K / 6K files
  • Perforation can be cropped before saving the image, reducing the amount of data
  • Safety border added to the picture prevents cropping of unwanted shifts
  • Stabilization histogram to visually control the correction process
  • Free version of Dustbuster+ LT for QC and manual correction of images that were not automatically stabilized