ARRISCAN Film Transport

Soft Archive Mode
Every ARRISCAN comes with a soft archive mode, allowing adjustment of the film transport to the source material. Together with the specially designed sprockets of the ARRISCAN, this permits even shrunken or degraded material to be scanned without additional specialized hardware.

With the soft archive module, material with up to 3.5% shrinkage and up to six consecutive missing perforations can be scanned. This minimizes manual repair work, resulting in faster turnaround times, reduced costs and less exposure of fragile film to mechanical stress.

Common Challenges

  • Pinless scanning of shrunken film with all ARRISCAN gates
  • Easy framing adjustment for non-standard frame positions
  • Frameline correction during the scanning process
  • Variable winding speed and step transport speed
  • Electronically controlled reduction of film tension for brittle material