ARRILASER Recording on Film

Preserving Images for the Future
The ARRILASER bridges the worlds of digital film restoration, analog film projection and long-term archiving. Capable of making recordings with resolutions from PAL up to 6K, the ARRILASER can film-out onto intermediate, camera negative and black-and-white film stocks.

The ARRILASER offers the only proven way to store film images that can be accessed not only tomorrow, but for decades to come. With its capacity to record images onto special separation film stocks, the ARRILASER enables ‘separation mastering’ to preserve feature film and TV production content for future generations, even if it has been shot digitally. Film remains the most proven long-term image storage solution, with modern film stocks capable of surviving 500 years under the right conditions.

Common Challenges

  • Recording of up to 6K resolution
  • Automated sequential or strip separation of color images onto B&W archival film stock
  • Ability to add metadata as 'envelope' to the recorded image
  • Current archive film storage lifetime of 500 years