Happy 100th birthday, ARRI!

Not every company can claim such a long and rich history, and we are humbled and thrilled by this milestone. Since its founding on September 12, 1917, ARRI has been creating quality products and offering services to support and advance the art of filmmaking. These 100 years have only been achievable through the unwavering patronage and critical advice of industry professionals, as well as our partners, customers, and friends. Thank you to all those who have contributed over the years! 

Around our centenary celebrations this year we have been launching some exciting and interactive online content. Explore and enjoy our centenary-related activities!

The Filmmaker's View
Get a Taste of "The Filmmaker's View" Videos

On the occasion of ARRI’s 100th anniversary, we wanted to hear from cinematographers, directors, lighting technicians, inventors, historians and users. We reached out, and we were overwhelmed by the response—hundreds of people from every continent and every side of the industry came forward to be interviewed on camera. They spoke about their passion for telling stories, their love of film, their enthusiasm for technology and their individual experiences with ARRI. From these interviews, film editors around the world have created around 300 short films. You can watch them all at www.100.arri.com/filmmakersview

The entire collection of "The Filmmaker's View" Videos

We've recently added 65 new videos! You can enjoy more than 300 video interviews with famous filmmakers from around the world now. 
Watch all "The Filmmaker's View" videos! 

Sample Videos
Also available: "The Filmmaker's View" Book

This special book showcases some of the hundreds of video interviews ARRI conducted with international filmmakers. The interviews contained in this limited-edition volume are a representative sample, collectively giving an impression of the project's diversity and scope. 

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ARRI's Interactive Timeline - take a journey through time

To mark its 100th year, ARRI is launching a commemorative online platform. Please join us to experience ARRI’s history through our Interactive Timeline and over 250 video interviews with world-famous filmmakers and commentators. 

Explore ARRI's Interactive Timeline now!

ARRI’s centennial celebrations have begun

Kicking off a string of anniversary events to come this season, the first party took place in Munich, Germany, in the exact location where the company was founded 100 years ago. On July 6, 2017, ARRI welcomed valuable partners and clients mostly from ARRI Media and ARRI Rental in German-speaking Europe. One day later, the festivities continued with more than 1,000 ARRI employees and retirees from all over the world celebrating into the morning hours.

For more images please visit Facebook: ARRI´s Centennial Party for partners and ARRI´s Centennial Party for employees.

#arri100contest: ARRI 100 Years Instagram Photo Competition

We have a winner! Congratulations to Ryan Constantino (Instagram: @ryantothec) on winning our ARRI 100 Years Instagram contest! Ryan created this ALEXA Mini costume himself and wore it on Halloween. His prize is a trip to the #ARRI headquarters in Munich.

Congratulations also go out to Emilie Svensson (Instagram: @emsven13) and Adam Riozzi (Instagram: @adam.riozzi) on winning second and third place! They will receive a selection of ARRI 100 Years merchandise.

In total, between April and November 2017, 3,130 photos were uploaded on Instagram with the hashtag #arri100contest. All these entries certainly demonstrate how much ARRI is loved around the world. We would like to thank everyone who participated in the contest; your creative vision is inspiring!

Filmed Interview with the Board
Centenary kick-off: an interview with the board

ARRI Group Managing Directors and Executive Board members Jörg Pohlman and Franz Kraus kick-off the company’s centenary by looking back at ARRI’s early history, its transition from analog to digital and the plans for 2017.

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